Scent and Taste Aversions

Nature’s Defense Granular Animal Repellent

Nature’s Defense organic repellent granules are 100% ORGANIC, environmentally safe, harmless to people and pets (unlike traps or poisons), and contain no harmful chemicals within the formula.

Use scent & taste aversions here:

This natural compound repels 22 different species. It can be sprinkled anywhere to create an irritant scent barrier:

  • Along cracks or openings in any foundation
  • Homes, garages, sheds
  • Backyards, patios, gardens
  • Farms, barns, and stables
  • Basement entryways, window wells
  • Seasonal ranches, cabins, trailers

How Nature’s Defense works:

Scent and taste aversions create a scent barrier, protecting foundations, turf, plants, and crops from pests. Nature’s Defense is silent, nearly invisible, biodegradable, and harmless to plants, animals & humans.

*Link to Dr. Whitford’s Nature’s Defense Study
Blog post about Trapper John Colombo’s testing of Nature’s Defense.

Success strategy:

Apply Nature’s Defense once a week to repel pest animals from areas where they are causing damage and/or in areas you want to protect. Extremely resistant to rain and snow, these barriers can last a very long time.


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