Bird Control Products

Choose the Bird Repellent Product That’s Best for You

Bird-X bird control products are safe, humane, eco-friendly, & extremely effective. Choose from our bird deterrent categories below to learn more about each type of bird control method & to decide which bird repellent best fits your situation and your budget.

Pest bird infestations can result in property damage, health hazards, liability, product contamination, & disease. Choose Bird-X bird control products to repel and deter birds for good!

Electronic Bird Control

Audio & visual threats force away pest birds effectively & humanely.

Bird Spikes

Create a harmless physical barrier to prevent pest birds from landing on your property surfaces with bird spikes.

Bird Netting

Safely block pest birds from entering gardens, buildings, or other areas where they are unwelcomed and uninvited.


State-of-the-art solutions for bird control in challenging outdoor environments.

Laser Bird Control

Harmless electronic lasers irritate & alarm pest birds, forcing them to seek more peaceful and untreated surroundings.

Shock Track Systems

Highly-effective, minimalist option where aesthetics are most important.

Visual Scares and Predator Decoys

Simple, inexpensive, & effective: keep birds away with predator decoys, balloons, lasers, & more.

Bird Gels, Taste Aversions, & OvoControl® P

Protect surfaces such as ledges, signs, & grass invisibly from pest birds & the messes they accumulate.


Accessories & installation tools for your Bird-X bird control products.

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