ProHawk® UAV

  Autonomous Flight or Remote Controlled Predator Drone
  The Latest Bird Control Technology
  Saves Hours of Labor and Thousands of Dollars
  Maximum Bird Control Effectiveness

The first drone of its class made specifically for bird control. The ProHawk® UAV combines a sonic bird repeller with the latest autonomous flight GPS technology and design. Patented design, Made in USA.

  • The first drone of its class made specifically for bird control
  • Fully Autonomous Flight (once programmed, simply set unit outside and hit start – unit will launch, patrol, and land on its own)
  • Set “waypoints” to perfectly customize patrol areas via GPS technology
  • Terrifying physical presence is heightened by sonic predator sounds
  • Camera options available
  • Professional-grade cabon fiber construction
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Not available for online purchase. For more information on ordering, please contact our sales team at (800) 662-5021.

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Ideal for commercial applications where a falcon or other manual drone device would be used. 

  • Saves time and money
  • Simple to use, implement, and operate
  • Professional solution for tailored, individual situations


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