Ultrasonic Bird Control

Repel pest birds without bothering humans!

Ultrasonic bird repellents are simple to install, extremely low-profile, & highly effective. Repel pest birds discreetly & permanently using silent-to-humans ultrasonic sound waves! Ultrasonic bird repeller technology is extremely irritating & disorienting to birds, but remains a safe, humane & eco-friendly option.

Facility managers must maintain safe, healthy properties. Pest birds create unsafe conditions, & cause untold billions in damage & maintenance costs, liability & risk exposure from accidents, pollution & disease.

Where to Use Ultrasonic Bird Control

Ultrasonic bird repellers are perfect for areas where silence is preferred. Enclosed and semi-enclosed areas are ideal. Ultrasound is most effective where sound waves can bounce off walls or ceilings, due to their direct projection and short wavelength. Outdoors, expect best results from an ultrasonic bird repellent in small areas.

Inside warehouses & loading docks

Parking structures

Walkways & awnings

Schools & hospitals

Entrances & porches

Balconies & patios

How ultrasonic bird control works

Ultrasonic bird deterrents emit high-frequency sound waves that keep pests away, but are silent to humans. Ultrasonic frequencies are used to confuse, disorient and intimidate birds within range.

Pest birds are not harmed by ultrasound, but they do “feel the pressure” of the high-frequency sound waves from these electronic bird deterrents. This causes severe discomfort and can even affect the birds’ ability to detect the earth’s magnetic field; this may interfere with their sense of direction.

Birds quickly learn to avoid areas where they have experienced an ultrasonic attack.

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