• With Spring Around the Corner, Prevention is Key

    With Spring Around the Corner, Prevention is Key

    As the snow thaws and daylight hours increase, a number of pest animals make their way back into our backyards, gardens, gutters, and more places we plan to spruce up for the warmer months. Pest birds and animals can not only wreak havoc on budding flowers and plants, but they can also carry transmissible zoonotic diseases and create an unhealthy environment.

    Bird-X has spent over 50 years protecting public areas from such diseases, cutting back on sanitary maintenance and cleaning costs, and reducing physical labor. As the leading international brand of humane bird and pest control solutions, we strive to offer the most effective solutions for your pest bird and animal problems.

    Not sure what product is right for your situation? We’re here to help! Simply chat with one of our pest control experts with the chat button in the lower right-hand corner, or call us toll-free at 800-662-5021.

    Here are just a few of our recent success stories from Bird-X experts here at our headquarters. These are the very same experts who will be assisting you with any product recommendations or installation questions, who all work in-house at our Chicago offices:

    “Grackles were a huge issue for a business’s storefront as well as the top of their building and parking lot. They would congregate on the property and this would discourage potential customers. The owner had tried many different visual deterrents in the past, but grackles are stubborn birds. They hung light-reflecting foil and sticker hawk decoys on their windows with no results.

    I recommended two BirdXPeller PRO – Version 2 devices; one for the parking lot and storefront, and another for the roof of the building. Version 2 of the BirdXPeller PRO specifically targets Grackles, and can be customized for other birds as well, like crows and blackbirds. Within two weeks of using the BirdXPeller PROs at extra-long intervals and a medium volume level, the grackle population disappeared and the storeowner is finally at peace!”

    Product used:

    “A homeowner was having problems with stray cats tearing up the lawn of their single family home. In the past they sprayed synthetic deterrent which did not affect them at all. After they purchased and installed two Yard Gard units three feet off the ground, close to the house.

    I suggested placing one unit to the left and one to the right of the house, both tilted towards one another at about a 45° angle to cover the entire front yard. The feral cats no longer come around their property, and their lawn is healing nicely! Sometimes it takes more than one unit to get the job done, but it’s definitely worth it.”

    Product used:

    No power supply outdoors? Check out our new Solar Yard Gard!

    Seagulls were damaging the HVAC and roof of a shopping center, nesting there and leaving hazardous droppings and food scraps all over. As this was a large-scale commercial application, the facility managers opted for AviShock bird shock track combined with Bird Net exclusion netting.

    With the electronic shock strips delivering a gentle but alarming shock when birds land on the parapet walls and signage, the gulls quickly learned to steer clear. The netting went around the HVAC units on the roof to prevent nesting. The birds have abandoned the area and there have been no new nests on the roof.”

    Products used:

  • Keep Your Property Free of Pests

    Pest animal and bird problems are a worldwide concern. Bird-X has a dedicated retail team, taking customer calls every day and assisting new users with our devices, troubleshooting installation questions, advising on new products, and educating people who are first-time users or are dealing with their first pest animal issue.

    Many homeowners or individuals dealing with pest animals can find the task of getting rid of them to be daunting. However, with tried and true products like Bird-X’s Yard Gard, installation is simple and the results last. Minimal set-up time and lasting results are effectively allowing individuals to keep their property pest-free, without multiple visits from pest control operators.

    Read how these customers were able to get rid of their pest animal problem with the help of Bird-X products and support from product experts:

    Lourdes, Bird-X’s Customer Service Supervisor, recalls a customer who called about raccoons ruining the lawn of their home. Other repellent methods had little to no effect. Lourdes recommended two Yard Gard units be kept two feet off the ground on a post aimed out towards the yard. In order to most strategically place the units on the customer’s property, Lourdes used Google Maps to view the home and get a sense of the size of the yard. Within two weeks, the raccoons were not coming to their property any longer, and their lawn was successfully restored to its former glory.

    A member of Lourdes’ team, Marisa, has a horror story that she quickly turned into a success story. Bats were free flying through the customer’s home after getting in through open windows. They had been there for several weeks and weren’t leaving the customer’s large, residential farm style home. In the past, they tried herding them out of an open door with netting, but it didn’t work. Marisa suggested three Transonic Pros to be placed on each side of the interior main area, facing open doors. The ultrasonic frequencies emitted by these devices interrupt the bats echolocation – their sonar navigation system, thereby disorienting them and creating an unwelcoming environment. Once all three units were turned on, the bats were forced out through open double doors, and all were gone in less than a weeks’ time.

    Bird-X, Inc. has spent over 50 years protecting public areas from over 60 bird-spread transmissible diseases. The leading international brand of humane bird control solutions, this Chicago-based company manufactures a complete line of unique bird control products, protecting the health of humans, wildlife, and the environment by deterring birds from unwanted areas without harming them.

    For information on any of Bird-X’s humane pest control products, please call customer service at (800) 662-5021.

  • The Hamptons Project – A Success Story

    For over a decade, the company Seagull Control Systems (SCS) has permanently eliminated seagull infestations in hundreds of real world applications all across the country. In August, Seagull Control Systems reached out to the Bird-X team with a very complicated project.

    A brand new $250,000 stone deck surrounding a pool was being destroyed by seagull droppings, as was the pool itself. On the property was old bird deterrent wiring and a broken sonic device, evidence that there were past attempts that failed to get rid of the gulls. This situation was about 20 years old, a longstanding habit – which is one of the most difficult seagull infestations to resolve.

    “Seagulls were roosting on the roof peaks, the chimney and a turret. Even walking down the hip ridges, a phenomenon I’d not seen before,” states Barry Fast, the owner of SCS.

    The company was constrained by aesthetics as well, as it was on the property of a $7 million home in the Hamptons. Thankfully, Bird-X Bird Wire is nearly invisible when installed properly, and is a great permanent solution to birds perching all over the property.

    Below is the plan, showing how they took care of the peaks, chimney and ledges. Poles were placed on 4’ x 4’ wooden bases driven into the sand on the water side of the seawall, and bird wire then ran from those poles up to the 2nd story soffit, protecting the deck and pool. The wires against the sky were virtually invisible to the homeowners, neighbors, and the public. Fast and his team were able to get the job done hours before the new owners were hosting a housewarming party.

    Perfect execution and perfect timing.


  • Success Stories from the Bird-X Team

    At Bird-X, we are proud of our humane and eco-friendly approach to bird control. Here are just some recent examples of how our dedicated bird control professionals have helped business and land owners all across the country get rid of birds – for good! Stuart, Tom, Tim, and Dan weigh in on their recent success stories:



    At an Executive Airport near Gainesville, Florida, pigeons and sparrows were causing damage to a 10,000 square foot aircraft hangar, making mess and nests everywhere. After Florida Pest & Chemical installed ¾” PE Netting, immediate results were seen and the pigeons and sparrows have not returned to the structure. An estimated $30,000 per year was saved in cleaning and maintenance costs alone, as well as preventing more costly damage to the aircraft [amount not disclosed].



    Sparrows and starlings were nesting in the rafters of a horse barn and in the insulation of the nearby riding arena. By installing a BroadBand Pro system, we were able to target the interior area with two speakers aimed directly at the problem spots. The other two speakers of the four-speaker system were run to the outside of the building on the roof with the included wires. Both species have left the problem areas and the customer is satisfied.



    I was working with a Minnesota installer to drive crows out of a 90 acre medical campus. Together, we created a multifaceted approach utilizing over 75 Yard Gard devices and 10 Outdoor Lasers. Today, the client claims to be almost completely free of the crows. He is very happy with the managed program and the efficacy of our products.


    A few months later, we got a lead about a crow problem at a very large corporate campus in California next to an airport. After sending the lead to an experienced California Pest Control Operator, I connected him to the Minnesota installer and they discussed the plans and associated challenges. The end result was two very successful projects.



    Ensco has an offshore oil rig in Brownsville, Texas was having a massive vulture problem; about 70-80 vultures overall. According to the foreman, they were degrading the structure so much, that the company was ‘at risk of losing a $500 million asset’. They initially bought the BroadBand Pro on their own, but it was not the right product for the job. We implemented a plan combining multiple Flock Reflectors, a Critter Blaster Pro, as well as Outdoor Lasers. Within two weeks, the vultures were gone, and the oil rig was no longer at risk of further structural damage. We avoided a $500 million problem!


  • Wacky Weather: What it Means for Seasonal Birds

    Last Tuesday started off like an average early-May day in the town of Carlsbad, New Mexico, with temperatures steadily rising into the low 80s. As late afternoon approached, light rain started and became stronger as the evening went on. It wasn’t until after dinner that Carlsbad resident Skye Pope noticed a much louder tapping sound on his windows and roof than simply rain, and went outside to investigate.

    A hailstorm had swept into town, bringing quarter-sized pellets of ice, and larger. Pope is able to find comfort in the bizarre weather, however. “To me, it’s always fun to watch the rain and hail, all while being able to stand outside in a t-shirt and shorts and still feel warm,” notes Skye about the wacky conditions.

    The hailstorm only lasted roughly 20 minutes, but it was severe enough to cause extensive damage to cars all over the area. Local car shops are actively advertising their hail damage repair services. See below for footage that Mr. Pope has provided of the beginning of the storm:

    Source: Skye Pope

    Incidents like this are just few of many caused by climate change, and weather has a massive effect on migratory birds, as well. While this was an incident of rain and moisture, New Mexico is getting considerably drier over the years, putting threatened bird species on the endangered/threatened list.

    The more erratic the weather, the less hospitable the area is as a habitat for many birds. Take the Mexican spotted owl (threatened), for example: “Their population is decreasing at an alarming rate,” said Greg Dyson, with Wildearth Guardians. “And that’s because their habitat is decreasing at an alarming rate.”

    For more information on climate change and global warming, and how nearly half of the bird species in the continental United States and Canada can be affected, take a look at the National Audubon Society’s video below:

    Source: National Audubon Society / www.audubon.org

    Bird-X, Inc. has spent over 50 years protecting public areas from over 60 bird-spread transmissible diseases. The leading international brand of humane bird control solutions, this Chicago-based company manufactures a complete line of unique bird control products, protecting the health of humans, wildlife, and the environment by deterring birds from unwanted areas without harming them.

    For information on any of Bird-X’s humane pest control products, please call customer service at (800) 662-5021.

  • Managing Grackles: Deter One of Summer’s Most Invasive Birds

    Grackles are difficult birds to manage, as they are an abundant and invasive type of blackbird. Because of this, grackles often require more effort and attention to control compared to other similar bird species.

    These birds live year-round in the southeastern United States, especially in Texas and Florida, but migrate to the North and Midwest during summer. Grackles like agricultural fields and are more of a threat to crops than crows. As much as they like open spaces, they also live in urban areas, making them abundant virtually everywhere.

    For homeowners, crop farmers, and property managers, these birds can be extremely dominant and harmful. Some homeowners may look to simple solutions like tube feeders, but they likely aren’t enough. For larger flocks, poisons and other chemicals are frequently used to try to combat them. Not only are poisons inhumane, but they also don’t work because grackles forage in large flocks.

    Recommended Products for Grackle Control

    Fortunately, there are solutions for grackle control that are humane yet extremely effective. To reduce grackles, try some of these products, all of which are designed to create a threatening area for grackles without causing physical harm to them.

    Liquid Repellents and Taste Aversions

    Bird-X offers a liquid repellent that prevents grackles and other bird species from roosting or landing on any surface. If you’re having a problem with grackles roosting in your yard, apply this non-toxic repellent to trees and shrubs.

    Alternatively, use Bird Stop to prevent grackles from landing on rooftops and other building structures. This taste aversion is ideal for crop and produce farmers with grackle problems, as the smell and taste irritates grackles and prevents them from eating crops.

    Visual Deterrents

    For farms and vineyards, holographic bird tape combines flashing light with sounds to keep birds away. Apply them anywhere birds land, ideally in areas with light and wind. Additionally, visual scares like owl predator decoys are lifelike enough to scare away grackles.

    Electronic Bird Control

    Sonic bird control is a type of electronic bird deterrent that uses naturally recorded distress calls and predator cries to frighten and distress grackles. Grackles perceive the area to be threatening and unsafe.

    Because grackles are intelligent, program your BirdXPeller PRO and Super BirdXPeller PRO on random intervals so they don’t become accustomed to the sounds. For grackles, Version 2 of either of these sonic control products works best.

    Due to the aggressive behavior of grackles, a multisensory approach using different types of products, like a visual deterrent along with a sonic repellent, is ideal. Learn more about these and other safe, humane deterrents that can reduce your grackle problem.

  • Four Things to Know Before Getting an Ultrasonic Deterrent

    There are many bird and pest deterrents on the market, and with some research you will be able to find the best humane deterrent for your pest situation. A newer and more effective type of electronic solution is ultrasonic bird and pest control.

    How It Works

    Ultrasonic repellents work differently than other deterrents. They use high frequencies (which the human ear cannot hear) to deter birds and other pests. When the birds or pests hear the sound being produced, they become disoriented or irritated by the noise. Birds also quickly learn to avoid areas where they have felt the ultrasonic sound waves

    There are many ultrasonic devices to choose from depending on the coverage you need. Typically, they are able to cover up to 3,600 sq. ft. With multiple speakers, you can customize coverage for even larger areas.


    Like with all other bird and pest deterrents, there are certain specifications to meet in order for the ultrasonic device to work optimally. Location of the deterrent plays a big factor in effectiveness. Ultrasonic devices work best in enclosed and semi-enclosed locations where sound waves can bounce off walls or ceilings.

    For outdoor problem areas, ultrasonic devices that include weatherproof speakers and waterproof control panels, like the Ultrason X, are recommended. Areas such as parking structures, barns, and loading docks are ideal locations for ultrasonic deterrents.

    Type of Pest

    Ultrasonic devices are used to deter a variety of pests. They are most widely used to deter birds that carry diseases such as West Nile or E. Coli.  Some of the most common repelled birds include: pigeons, seagulls, grackles, sparrows, woodpeckers, starlings, ducks, and geese.

    While the ultrasonic device is ideal for a variety of birds, it is also effective in repelling bats, rodents, and other small critters. The frequency on the device may need to be adjusted to effectively repel these pests.

    Residential Ultrasonic Pest Solutions

    For smaller scale use, there are residential ultrasonic products. While the deterrent still requires a semi-enclosed space, the residential products are tailored towards balconies, awnings, and gardens.

    Since these deterrents are for residential areas, they are tailored to residential pests. These ultrasonic devices deter rodents, bats, rabbits, cats, dogs, skunks, opossums, armadillos, raccoons, deer, and insects. The frequencies on the device can change according to what pest you are trying to deter.

    One thing to note about this product is that if you have pets, it could potentially irritate them depending what setting the product is on. The frequencies go from highest to lowest (clockwise) when looking at the dial. Our product images feature what pests are deterred at what frequency. Ultrasonic frequencies travel in a linear line, so mount the speaker off the ground if pets are in the area. Additionally, make sure to point the product away from your house, or any outside areas your pet might use.

    Ultrasonic deterrents are an ideal choice when looking for a humane way to get rid of unwelcome pests. They are a low-profile deterrent and require little maintenance. Whether you are looking for a product to cover a large area, or one to place in your backyard, Bird-X has multiple options for any need.

  • Bird-X Gives Best Wishes to Retiring HR Director

                                       Best Wishes, Alison!

    Bird-X has been dedicated to unmatched focus on quality, efficacy, and customer service since 1964. Our growth wouldn’t be possible without our team of dedicated employees, including Alison James, Director of HR, Marketing, and Customer Services.

    Alison first started working for the company in 1997. She was hired as an executive assistant to Ron Schwarcz (then president) and Richard Seid, Owner/Founder. Alison’s commitment to the company and willingness to take on additional responsibilities are just two reasons she will be greatly missed.

    A lot has changed at Bird-X since Alison first started twenty years ago. The company has grown in many facets, including products, employees, and office size.


                                                        Alison and current Sales Director Joe Seid in 1999

    “It’s been fascinating to watch this tapestry of people weave in and around over time, growing and changing but with some strong constant threads too.”

    As the company grew (and relocated), so did Alison’s responsibilities at Bird-X. Whenever there was a need for a role to be filled, Alison took on those responsibilities. She gained experience in human resources and became extremely involved in product design and marketing.

    Recently, she has worked closely with president Dennis Tilles on expanding markets and product offerings. Advancing to new roles has allowed her to experience all facets of Bird-X, from helping customers, creating packaging and design, to being the human resources director.

    “We’ve solidified our position as industry leaders with cutting-edge technologies, and added specialist consultants to our retail, internet and pest control customers. Being on the inside working to grow the company as all this was taking place has been extremely rewarding,” said Alison when reflecting on experiences over the years.

    Following retirement, Alison is planning for a big move down South. She looks forward to slowing down in retirement and “watching birds instead of consulting about how to get rid of them.” She’s also excited about having more time for cooking meals from scratch, painting, writing, and reading. And she won’t miss her daily commute to Chicago.

    “It’s hard to believe that this is really happening. It won’t feel real until I wake up in another state, and it’s not time to head to work,” she said. “And I’m so very grateful for this amazing opportunity Bird-X gave me, to learn and grow, support my family, put my kids through school, and find something new and different every day.”

    Bird-X wishes Alison all the best in her retirement, and thanks her for her years of commitment and service to the company!

  • Bird-X Sales Team Attends PestWorld 2016 in Seattle, WA

    During the third week of October, Bird-X account managers flocked to Seattle, Washington for PestWorld 2016; a four-day tradeshow put on by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). PestWorld is an all-encompassing tradeshow, putting new information and products into the hands of everyone within the Pest Control community. PestWorld gives participants the opportunity to learn about advancements in the industry with informative discussions and the demonstration of new products.bx booth

    “PestWorld, as always, was an amazing experience for Bird-X. It was a great opportunity for us to meet many of our current clients, as well as introduce ourselves to new international and domestic partners,” says Josh Pierce, Bird-X Sales Manager.


    PestWorld provides an ample amount of time to exhibit products while still having plenty of opportunities to interact with current customers and prospects outside of show hours.

    The presentation that resonates with Tim Coughlin, Account Manager, is Heath Waldorf’s “Talking Turkey” presentation. Waldorf, of the Bird Control Advisory, breaks down urban bird control and explains that it consists of so much more than just bird spikes.

    “The ‘Talking Turkey’ presentation is a benchmark for pest control operators to fully understand the structural bird control world.” remarks Coughlin.

    Presentations like Waldorf’s are exactly why PestWorld is such a pivotal tradeshow – it is engaging, hands-on, innovative, and a fantastic networking event. Every minute is utilized, and everyone attending is equally eager to further advance the pest control industry.

    “PestWorld 2016 provided us with the opportunity to speak with installers and get feedback on the effectiveness of our products and suggestions for improvement. We value these opportunities to make improvements to our products. The great feedback we received about the Bird-X client experience was inspirational,” added Coughlin.

    When asked which Bird-X product garnered the most buzz, Mark Miller definitively stated “Lasers. People loved them. Laser technology is a simple yet effective solution and we’re excited to see the industry’s success with it.”

    Miller, a fellow Account Manager, believes Bird-X’s new laser device is another arrow in the quiver when it comes to bird control solutions. This was the first PestWorld event that showcased the new laser, and it gained a lot of interest among industry professionals. View all laser products here.

    When deterring birds, the key is to make them as uncomfortable as possible. This is done by attacking the key senses of a bird.  The laser is another great addition to the Bird-X product line that disturbs a bird’s eye sight, disorients their flight path, and can be very bothersome in a night time roosting scenario. Laser technology for deterring birds is low-maintenance and sure to deliver a positive user experience.

    The Bird-X team is looking forward to 2017’s PestWorld, to be held in Baltimore, Maryland.

  • Bird-X Highlights Most Commonly Received Customer Questions

    If there’s one thing we know, it’s birds! Our Customer Service team understands that some of our products can seem extremely technical and tricky to use. Fear not—we’re here to help you understand how your new Bird-X products work, and clear up any questions about pest birds and animals. Check out some of the most common questions we encounter—you may just find the answer you’re looking for!

    What does the low-to-high dial refer to on the back of the Yard Gard?

    The low-to-high dial on the back of the Yard Gard refers to the frequency of the ultrasonic sounds that are emitted from the front of the device. By turning the dial towards the low setting, the strength of the frequency increases. When the dial is set near the high setting, the frequency is weaker. An easy way to remember this is by relating Low to Loud.

    Will Bird Spikes harm birds?

    No, Bird Spikes will not harm birds. It is a humane physical barrier that creates an uneven and unwelcoming landing zone for incoming birds trying to perch on gutters, roof peaks, tops of fences, and a variety of other structures. Birds realize their comfortable and inviting perching spot is no longer as accessible and do not attempt to land there anymore.

    What kind of birds are the extra-tall stainless steel spikes for? Are they more effective than the regular spikes? 

    When properly installed, all Bird-X spikes are effective. The extra-tall spikes are for larger birds, such as vultures, turkeys, egrets, seagulls, and herons. The standard spikes work well with average-sized pest birds like pigeons, and crows. Installing spikes along edges and peaks of buildings, which is a prime perching location for average-sized pest birds, will ensure an effective disruption to the birds’ perching habits.

    What is the difference between sonic and ultrasonic frequencies?

    Sonic simply refers to audible noises within the range of sound that the human ear can hear. For example, a device like the BirdXPeller Pro emits sonic deterrents in the form of naturally recorded bird distress calls and predator cries. The recommended volume setting on sonic devices with bird distress calls is to be as close to the volume of actual bird call sounds nearby—the key is that the sonic sounds blend into nature.

    Ultrasonic frequency is higher than the sound range that is audible to humans, and therefore is silent to people. Some of our devices are equipped with both sonic and ultrasonic capabilities (such as the Transonic PRO and BroadBand PRO) which means these are also audible to humans.

    Will sonic frequencies, like bird distress calls, also affect my cat or dog?

    No, pets will not be affected by bird calls emitted by Bird-X devices. Household pets will react the same way they would if they heard a bird call while out on a walk; they may notice it, but ultimately think nothing of it. The recorded distress calls are species-specific. The BirdXPeller PRO, for example, sells incredibly well because of its ability to be programmed to deter only specific pest birds, such as pigeons, crows, grackles, and seagulls.

    What about Nature’s Defense granules, will they poison my outdoor chickens?

    Chickens and other outdoor pets will not be harmed or become ill if Nature’s Defense pest aversion granules are ingested. Nature’s Defense is an all-natural, nontoxic product with 100% certified-organic ingredients. It gives off a scent that is irritating to common backyard pest animals to deter them from places the granules are spread, such as gardens or around garbage cans. The granules consist of ingredients like: garlic, cinnamon, clove, rosemary, peppermint, and other natural scents.


     Written by Rachel Cable, Content Marketing Manager for Bird-X, Inc.