3D Coyote gets rid of pesky pond birds

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I live on a small pond and while I do like some birds, they tend to return to the same area, year after year, with more and more friends. Eventually it gets to the point where something has to be done. I definitely wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt the birds but I wanted something that worked so I got this decoy. I am really surprised by how well it works because I’ve used other, similar, things like plastic owls and rubber snakes which the birds seem totally unaffected by. I think the difference is that this has a tail that is furry and when the wind blows, it moves. That seems to really convince the birds that it’s real and they don’t want to make a home there. I’m so glad I got this before spring, when the birds would ordinarily nest here and the babies would get imprinted with the location. I’ve been told that these types of visuals work even better when combined with other approaches like sound machines or sprays that taste bad so I might look into those if I ever notice that the decoy’s effect on birds is waning but so far it is working great!

By ‘OrganicBirdLady’

For more information about how keep geese away from your property using the 3D coyote, visit here.

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