8 Ways That Birds and Bird Droppings Cost Your Company Money

8 Ways That Bird Droppings Cost Your Company Money

Birds and their droppings can cause a lot of damage. Here’s a  short list of ways that birds and bird droppings can effect the bottom line in businesses.

  1. Wasted Personnel Time
    • Time spent cleaning is a huge direct and opportunity cost
  2. Poor Quality/Negative Company Image
    • Unsightly, bird-dropping-laden premises are bad for employees and customers
  3. Risk of Inspection
    • OHSA, and other inspection agencies can cite, fine, or shut down operations for bird mess problems
  4. Risk of Disease
    • Employees and Customers – over 60 diseases are associated with birds and their droppings
  5. Financial Liability
    • Droppings from geese, pigeons can also create slip and fall hazards
  6. Machinery Downtime and False Alarms
    • Birds and/or bird droppings can get into machinery and cause failures or false alarms
  7. Depreciation of Assets
    • Acidic droppings shorten the life of valuable investments
  8. Product Waste
    • Bird Droppings make products unsalable, eating into profits.

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