Bird-Plane collisions up 25%

A recent Associated Press discussed by the Riverfront Times report stated that nearly 10,000 bird strikes were reported last year, which is up considerably from the 7,507 reported in 2007. And that rise is only an average, with some states reporting an increase considerably higher than that.

In some states, such as Texas and Minnesota, the number of bird-plane collisions have doubled since 2005 thanks to an increase in air traffic along bird migratory routes.

…bird-plane collisions at Lambert-St. Louis International airport have increased nearly 300 percent over the past decade.

Hmmmm…maybe these airports need to try Bird-X’s new Airport Bird Control System.

This system is made up of three of Bird-X‘s best sound devices and one sensory spray: the Megablaster, the Goosebuster, the Critterblaster and Goosechase. The combination of the four of these makes it almost impossible for birds to get comfortable anywhere around an airport.

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