Bird Sound Device Scares Birds Away from U.S. Bank

U.S. Bank in Davenport Uses Bird Sound Technology

Bird-X electronic sound device scares birds away from a bank in Davenport. Unsightly birds have left the nest and are looking to make a deposit elsewhere.

A stroke of brilliance or a bird brained idea? The jury is still out on the latest plan to chase off pigeons in downtown Davenport through sound. As you walk near Second Street at Main Street, it sounds like you have walked into an Alfred Hitchcock movie. You hear birds making lots of noise, but you probably won’t see any birds.

That’s because they are being chased away by menacing bird sounds being pumped in. Jacki O’Donnell with U.S. Bank in Davenport says the idea came from a wildlife expert. “There was one called Bird X. It guaranteed this recording would keep the birds away. It’s kind of a distress call and a predator call that keeps the birds from hanging around.”

O’Donnell says something had to be done. The brazen birds were targeting townspeople and leaving behind quite a mess. “It was a huge problem. We were power washing the sidewalks constantly. This has made a huge difference for us,” O’Donnell said. And those who stroll the sidewalks nearby have noticed the difference as well.

The speakers are mounted on top of the U.S Bank building and the nearby Redstone building in downtown Davenport.


While the article doesn’t mention which product the bank used, we suggest using the BroadBand Pro or the BirdXPeller Pro for uses in urban areas.

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    Iolanda says:

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