Bird-X bird spikes are effective!

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Bird Spikes

For something so simple, they are definitely effective. I used them on a metal arbor. I hung two upside-down tomato planters from the arbor and had a bench underneath, but found the birds using the arbor as a toilet – not real healthy for the tomato plants and not a pleasant place to sit and enjoy the garden! I attached the plastic “spikes” to the arbor and no more birds. The glue has held up well – somewhat messy in applying, but not a huge problem. Was able to cut the spikes to fit.

By ‘cKenna’ from Illinois

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  • Magali

    I live in southern West Virginia and the cdrainal is our state bird. We watch them all year long and they are especially pretty against all the snow we’ve had the past two winters. Since I retired, I have been learning more about birds and have an app on my iPhone called “iBird Explorer Backyard.” I use it often to help me identify the birds I see on my feeders and in the yeard. I follow your blog regularly and though we don’t have children or grands who are autistic, we have one juvenile diabetic, 2 with Tourette’s and and one with learning disabilities. They have been in public school, homeschooled and in Christian schools. One DIL is looking into magnet schools in her area.Have a great day and take care.Wilma in WV


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