Canada goose, 3 eggs slows down production on a $150 mil. luxury building in the UK

A funny things happen to living creatures every once in a while: they reproduce. Unfortunately for a British construction company, a goose decided to exert her right to reproduce on their production site.

A recent Aol News piece shed some light on the situation, saying that the goose got comfortable. There is even a 24-hour security guard standing watch to make sure she’s safe and sound.

While production on the building isn’t completely stalled — the contractor explains that they are working on a different area until the goose leaves — it’s definitely a hassle. What if this happened to your company? Comfortable geese looking for a nice spot to raise a family just plop down and stay a while? This could cost millions and the liability factor could tack on more to that. Every seen a slip-and-fall incident resulting from a bird droppings? It’s quite expensive.

Putting up a few sound devices is the best thing to do for this kind of problem. The Goose Buster emits high quality digital playbacks of goose distress and alarm calls recorded in natural environments. Since the sounds are in the geese’s own language, they get the message: STAY AWAY!

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