Why Woodpeckers Peck

Woodpeckers, while beautiful to look at, are not that entertaining…
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The Importance of Bird Control - How to Protect Your Home or Business

Pest birds can be a serious health and safety threat if they…
Bird netting to stop Pigeons

Why Invest in Bird Control?

Birds can be very damaging to your property. In fact, they create millions of dollars in damage every year. When they nest, they can create hazardous conditions that require a substantial amount of cleanup. Bird infestations not only create property damage, but health hazards, liability issues, and can even spread disease.
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With Spring Around the Corner, Prevention is Key

As the snow thaws and daylight hours increase, a number of pest animals make their way back into our backyards, gardens, gutters, and more places we plan to spruce up for the warmer months. Pest birds and animals can not only wreak havoc on budding flowers and plants, but they can also carry transmissible zoonotic diseases and create an unhealthy environment.
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The Hamptons Project - A Success Story

For over a decade, the company Seagull Control Systems (SCS)…
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Success Stories from the Bird-X Team

At Bird-X, we are proud of our humane and eco-friendly approach…
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New Chinese Airport Designed With Built-In Bird Control

The Kunming Changshui International Airport, located in southwest…
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Four Things to Know Before Getting an Ultrasonic Deterrent

There are many bird and pest deterrents on the market, and with…
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Bird-X Sales Team Attends PestWorld 2016 in Seattle, WA

During the third week of October, Bird-X account managers flocked…
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Bird-X Highlights Most Commonly Received Customer Questions

If there’s one thing we know, it’s birds! Our Customer Service…