crow eating bread

Silicon Valley City Experimenting with Lasers to Deter Crow Infestation

Recently, Sunnyvale, Calif. has been dealing with a moderate crow problem that is affecting their downtown. Since the start of the pandemic, thousands of crows have been congregating heavily trafficked areas of the city and defecating on sidewalks, streets, dining and shopping areas, and on the people.

5 Reasons to Hire Bird Control Professionals Instead of Doing It Yourself

If you have a pest bird problem, you may be tempted to try to install these products yourself (with the help of Google and YouTube, of course), but should you?
two pigeons perching on balcony railing

How Do I Prevent Pigeons From Landing On My Balcony?

Living in an urban area has its charms, but pigeon infestations are not one of them. Here are a few recommendations to prevent pigeons from landing on your balcony.
pigeons flying around gothic cathedralSource: TASR

Pigeon Droppings Damage Historic Slovakian Church Dating Back to Middle Ages

The Cathedral of St Elisabeth in Košice, Slovakia has recently uncovered over $20k of damage to the church’s interior due to pest pigeons.
Bird Control

6 Safety & Surveying Tips from a Bird Control Professional

Industry professional Tim Coughlin shares valuable safety and surveying tips as well as best practice solutions for successful bird control

New Research Indicates Laser Bird Deterrents are 99% Effective at Preventing Waterfowl Linked to Avian Flu

A new study conducted by scientists at Wageningen University & Research examines the efficacy of laser bird repellents on a free-range poultry farm.

Seagulls: The Most Intelligent and Resourceful Seabird (and pest bird)

Barry Fast, President, Seagull Control Systems®, shares knowledge about sea gulls and best methods for deterring them
Goose Control

Goose Control: Getting Ahead of Molting Season

Being proactive about goose control is the #1 key to success. Here is what to take into consideration.

The Bird Control Toolbox: Bird Deterrents and Bird Exclusion Devices

Learn about the key differences between bird deterrent and bird exclusion
Solar Mesh Guard Kit

How To Protect Solar Panels from Pests

Pest damage to solar panels is a particularly costly problem. Here is our recommended solution to protect solar panels from pests.