two pigeons perching on balcony railing

How Do I Prevent Pigeons From Landing On My Balcony?

Living in an urban area has its charms, but pigeon infestations are not one of them. Here are a few recommendations to prevent pigeons from landing on your balcony.

The Perfect Product to Help Maintain the Beauty of Your Home and Garden

Safely keep birds away from your garden with the BirdXPeller PRO

The Difference Between Sonic and Ultrasonic Animal Deterrents

Here's the different between sonic and ultrasonic bird deterrents
summer vegetable harvest

How to Keep Common Pests out of your Garden

Here are a few tried and true solutions to keep common pest animals out of your garden
Solar Mesh Guard Kit

How To Protect Solar Panels from Pests

Pest damage to solar panels is a particularly costly problem. Here is our recommended solution to protect solar panels from pests.

The Importance of Bird Control - How to Protect Your Home or Business

Bird waste can carry more than 60 known transmittable diseases. In areas where children play or food preparation is taking place, birds can pose a serious health risk.
yard gard in front of pot in garden

With Spring Around the Corner, Prevention is Key

As the snow thaws and daylight hours increase, a number of pest animals make their way back into our backyards, gardens, gutters, and more places we plan to spruce up for the warmer months. Pest birds and animals can not only wreak havoc on budding flowers and plants, but they can also carry transmissible zoonotic diseases and create an unhealthy environment.
three raccoons in a yard

Keep Your Property Free of Pests

Pest animal and bird problems are a worldwide concern. Bird-X has a dedicated retail team, taking customer calls every day and assisting new users with our devices, troubleshooting installation questions, advising on new products, and educating people who are first-time users or are dealing with their first pest animal issue.
grackle in grass

Grackle Problems? Here's How to Deter This Common Bird.

Grackles are one of the most common pest birds in residential and commercial settings. Learn which humane products are best for deterring them.