New Research Indicates Laser Bird Deterrents are 99% Effective at Preventing Waterfowl Linked to Avian Flu

A new study conducted by scientists at Wageningen University & Research examines the efficacy of laser bird repellents on a free-range poultry farm.
Chicago's Wrigley Field

Case Study: Super BirdXPeller PRO at Wrigley Field

It isn’t only Cubs fans who love Wrigley Field. “Pigeons like to roost on the trusses that support the upper deck,” said Paul Rathje, director of stadium operations at Wrigley Field for the last six years. “This causes problems for the people seated below.” Besides the lure of roosting in the structural beams, the pigeons are naturally attracted to the food purchased by the crowds of fans who fill the stands – a bird’s delight; a stadium director’s horror.

New Chinese Airport Designed With Built-In Bird Control

The New Kunming Airport facility managers discussed which Bird-X products would be the best fit for their unique situation.
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Swedish Airport Repels Seagulls and Blackbirds

Earlier in 2012, the bird control company – Birdblock, based in Lidingö, Sweden – began working with the Stockholm-Bromma Airport to deal with pest bird infestation. The airport authorities were concerned about the constant disturbances (and dangerous interference) caused by pest seagulls and blackbirds in the airfield.
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Malaysian Manufacturer Battles Bird Droppings

Corrosive bird droppings from a huge pest bird infestation were compromising safety and sanitation at a major Malaysian chemical plant. Here is how Bird-X products solved their complex bird problem.

Keeping Vineyards Safe from Hungry Birds

Vineyards can be targeted by a variety of birds that can literally eat an owners profits. Fortunately we offer solutions to keep birds away.
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Does Ultrasonic Bird Control Really Work? Here's What the Science Says.

Does ultrasonic bird control work? A scientific study conducted by Dr. Whitford showed the dramatic reaction geese have to ultrasonic sound.