two pigeons perching on balcony railing

How Do I Prevent Pigeons From Landing On My Balcony?

Living in an urban area has its charms, but pigeon infestations are not one of them. Here are a few recommendations to prevent pigeons from landing on your balcony.
Bird Control

6 Safety & Surveying Tips from a Bird Control Professional

Industry professional Tim Coughlin shares valuable safety and surveying tips as well as best practice solutions for successful bird control
Solar Mesh Guard Kit

How To Protect Solar Panels from Pests

Pest damage to solar panels is a particularly costly problem. Here is our recommended solution to protect solar panels from pests.

The Importance of Bird Control - How to Protect Your Home or Business

Bird waste can carry more than 60 known transmittable diseases. In areas where children play or food preparation is taking place, birds can pose a serious health risk.
Bird netting to stop Pigeons

Why Invest in Bird Control?

Birds can be very damaging to your property. In fact, they create millions of dollars in damage every year. When they nest, they can create hazardous conditions that require a substantial amount of cleanup. Bird infestations not only create property damage, but health hazards, liability issues, and can even spread disease.
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four swallows perching in a mud nest

The Problems of Barn Swallows

Barn swallows can be a problematic pest due to how quickly they can build large nests and their protected legal status. Learn how to humanely and legally deter these birds.