Coyote replica a success in Arkansas

A recent article in central Arkansas’ Jacksonville Patriot talked about the effectiveness of a replica coyote in scaring geese.

Maumelle residents who think they’ve seen a coyote around town aren’t seeing things. Actually what they’re seeing is a fake coyote.

Philip Raborn, director of Maumelle Parks and Recreation, said the department purchased two fake coyotes that they are moving around the city’s two lakes in an effort to keep the Canadian geese off the pathways around town.

The migratory birds have become a problem leaving droppings all over the lake area and even harassing visitors, he said.

This is the city’s first year using replica coyotes for geese control. Last year, the city destroyed goose eggs with special permission from the federal government. This is a common mistake people make when fighting birds; killing the parents and addling their eggs only eliminates the current crop. Unless you make the environment unpleasant for the birds, they’ll continue to be a problem.

And the replica coyotes in Maumelle have been a success.

…the geese appear to be staying in the lake and not getting out to relieve themselves and leave droppings all over the place.

Raborn said that’s the intended purpose (of the replica coyotes) – to keep the geese in the water. He said they won’t excrete in the water and obviously are going somewhere else to do so, but at least they’re not leaving their droppings on the two city lake’s walkways as they did before the coyotes were placed.

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Bird-X's 3D coyote is a humane way to eliminate geese.

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