Pigeons are so annoying!

I remember the times when it used to be like “Hey, there’s a pigeon in the way so let me just lightly step in its direction and it’ll fly away,” and that was all there was to it. However it’s a completely different story now. They’ve obviously mastered the art of adapting to urban environments.

Now they flock together and glare at you mockingly, daring you to step in “their” territory.  When I need to pass, I try to get them out of the way by idiotically stomping like a madwoman and chasing them, which in so many ways never works to my advantage.

After a while their all-too-comfortable presence gets frustrating. I mean, seriously, can you deal with the constant cooing that resonates in your ear, forcing you to scrunch your face in disgust?  How about their piercing red eyes, mucky feathers, razor-sharp beaks, and prickly clawed feet? Or how about the thought of them proudly mingling and feasting within five centimeters of your standing area without acknowledging your presence?

I’m a frequent public transportation rider, which unfortunately means that I’m always forced to share my limited waiting space with random flocks of disease-ridden pigeons.  Sometimes I wonder how so many birds can manage to remain in the same area for such a long period of time.  Oh, wait, I forget that oblivious culprits feed them falling to acknowledge the potential environmental and health risks that come along with doing such a thing.

When I witness these “culprits” feeding them, I always think to myself, “What the heck are you doing?! Do you not see that huge sign with huge letters telling you NOT to feed the birds? I think the sign’s there for a reason!”

I’ll have you know that birds are actually smarter than you think. They are completely capable of adapting to different settings. They just choose not to due to lack of incentive. I respect them as animals and all, but they need not roam about in metropolitan areas. If we continue to feed them nonchalantly, they will never get accustomed to natural wildlife environments.

People generally hesitate to approach unpleasant settings. Luckily I know how to effectively rid birds from any given area. (But sadly I’m no property owner. All I can do is spread the word.) I work for Bird-X, which is a company that specifically focuses on humanely getting rid of pesky birds and other critters. It’s important that solutions are logical and humane because illogical and inhumane fixes are cruel, redundant, and most importantly ineffective. I would love it if local officials considered administering effective maintenance strategies. Heck, I’d love it even more if private property owners did the same. It’s as simple as setting up a few Terror-Eyes, BroadBand PROs, and Spikes. That way pigeons become uncomfortable with the environment and we city dwellers can avoid crazy bird harassment.

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    pigeons absolutely do my head in..this constant “ooo ooo OO” over and over.Is there any real valid reason for this ? I adore animals but i swear if i had the money i would actualy shoot them in a hail of bulletts at least once a week just to make a stand !


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