Customer uses Bird-X Device to Get Rid of Bats & Ants

The Transonic Pro electronic pest repelling device has successfully gotten rid of both bats and ants for this satisfied customer. Read his email below:

Dear Person,

Last summer I purchased one of your “Transonic IXL” units to eliminate bats from our barn rafters. They seemed to be multiplying as their droppings were increasing every month. The bats are gone!!

I do not know were they are roosting now, but there are gone from the barn. Not one trace of droppings can be found since the loft floor was cleaned after installation of the IXL unit.

New topic:


Prior to the rainy season that started last December, small (2 mm) black ants started appearing in our home. They seemed to be after water, but there were also getting into food. We would clear the pantry of all items, then spray with a popular brand spray that would kill them in short order. The next day they would reappear some where else. Both bathrooms where water was found seemed to attract them. These ants were in our home for a couple of months and it seemed to be no way to get rid of them.

I had remembered reading the literature that can with the IXL unit, stating that it would repel small crawling insects. I put the unit on our kitchen counter top as the ants had reappeared… Surprise!! One morning all of the ants were dead.

They were on the floor, counter top, etc. Hundreds of ants all Dead!!

Question: What happened to the ants? Did the unit have any thing to do with the death of all the ants?

The unit is still on the kitchen counter top, and still in operation. The ants have not returned.


Dick Wilkinson

Thanks Dick!

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