DeerGard deer repellent works for us

5/5 star Amazon Review

We use this product in our yard to repel deer. Before DeerGard, we tried dozens of chemicals, devices, and barriers. Some worked at first – but then deer became used to them. Every year, they stripped our azaleas and many other plants clean of buds and leaves from fall to early spring. There were no flowering azaleas in our yard then! Worse, deer liked to “hang out” in our yard even when nothing was left of their preferred vegetation. They then began to chew on and sometimes strip plants they would normally leave alone. In short, deer made themselves at home in our yard.

We tried DeerGard for the first time last fall. At first, deer still came and nibbled – but over time fewer came and they did less damage. Rather than get used to DeerGard, they seemed to avoid it more and more over time. They no longer “hang out” in our yard – at least not anywhere near the DeerGard device. This spring, our azaleas flowered nicely for the first time since the deer “discovered” us several years ago.

DeerGard works for us!

By Dr. Goetz O. from Maryland

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