Eliminating Pesky Sparrows and Starlings

Big Problems with the Invasive House Sparrows and European Starlings

European Starlings and House Sparrows are invasive species in the United States. Their aggressive nesting habits can harm (and potentially kill) your fragile backyard birds.

This article offers insightful information about the gruesome damage that Starlings and Sparrows cause. It also provides tips on getting rid of starlings and sparrows while keeping your desirable birds safe.

Here is an excerpt:

What is the problem?

* House Sparrows are probably the most important causes of Bluebird decline. House Sparrows not only destroy songbird eggs, they kill the adult and the young birds by attacking them in the nest box and scalping the birds with their hooked beaks. Then to add further insult, they often build their nest over the bodies of their victims.

* If you can’t find a safe place away from House Sparrows for your nest boxes or undertake a sparrow control program, you are probably causing more harm than good to your backyard songbirds.

The complete article can be found here: http://www.yourgardenretreatblog.com/2009/04/both-european-starlings-and-house.html

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