Hang bird deterrent tape on windows to prevent birds from hitting them

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Millions of birds die or are injured every year when they hit windows. I had dozens of birds fly into the windows at my house. I taped a strip of this ribbon to the top of each window so it hangs down. It turns and twists in the breeze and alerts birds that the window is not an open space that they can fly through. It seems to have worked very well so far.

By K. Rakovna

View the Irri-Tape bird deterrent tape here.

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  1. Louktarnz
    Louktarnz says:

    Greenglass you can’t put a screen over an inatke because it would severely restrict the airflow, causing more problems than it would solve. Also, if you hit a six-pound bird while you’re going 250kts, chances are you’d have bits of screen in the engine along with the bird.It is a fairly overblown threat. I was witness to the aftermath of more than a few bird strikes as the planes came back to the ramp and most of the time there was little to no damage, just spattered blood. The goose that brought down the Seminole was a freak accident in every sense of the term, as was USAir 1549.However, you still don’t want to take too many chances and mitigation is still prudent to a degree. I’d be way more worried about dogs or deer on the runways.


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