How to Get Rid of Your Annoying Woodpecker Problem

On the Level: Possible ways to stop woodpecker’s ruckus on gutter

A recently-published article gives great tips on how to get rid of annoying woodpeckers. Woodpeckers tend to attack homes that have either a desirable food source that they can easily scavenge for (e.g. insects, larvae, nuts, fruits, suet), ideal things to peck erratically with the intent of luring a mate (e.g. gutters, sidings, trashcans), or an attractive nesting spot.

Below is an excerpt:

For the last several weeks I have been awakened by a woodpecker beating on the rain gutter outside my bedroom window. He’s like clockwork showing around 6:40 each day. He doesn’t appear to be going after any insects; just pounding on the gutter like a tom-tom. This morning I woke up early and went outside in anticipation of his arrival and noticed I could hear the sound of his pounding on several rain gutters throughout the neighborhood. Right around 6:40, there he was right on the end of my gutter and, even though I was standing on the patio and clapping my hands, it didn’t seem to bother it. As a matter of fact, it flew down to a tree branch near me as if to challenge me. After it flew up to a higher branch, I noticed the arrival of a second and third bird, following the same routine of pounding on my gutter and then moving on to my neighbor’s gutter and doing the same. Is this some kind of bird communications ritual? I know there’s a Federal law against harming a migratory bird. Does this mean the woodpeckers have migrated to our neighborhood in Annapolis?

While checking the Internet for information, I found a variety of unusual deterrents being advertised. I am looking to you for advice on what’s practical, reliable and legal to do to deter this woodpecker practice. This is also the first time I have experienced this situation in the 25-plus years I have been in my home. Thanks for any advice you can offer. I’ll certainly convey it to my neighbors since I’m sure they would be glad to rid themselves of the annoyance as well.

The entire article can be found here:

For basic woodpecker problems, we recommend using bird spikes, bird netting, Irri-Tape bird scare tape, or Prowler Owl bird scare owl. For a more persistent woodpecker problem, we suggest using the woodpecker repellent Woodpecker PRO.

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