IKEA uses Bird-X Device to Keep Birds Off Store Rooftop

A recent article on Tampa Bay Online features the Mega Blaster Pro as an effective and efficient means of deterring birds over a large rooftop area in a commercial environment.  IKEA facilities managers have successfully gotten rid of a seagull problem that was causing physical & aesthetic damage. In addition to the decrease in building damage, the gulls have decreased loitering in the parking lot, where they had previously harassed customers & left their dropping on cars. The Mega Blaster has so far solved this problem and IKEA customers & facilities managers are no longer bothered by this pesky bird problem.

Bird-X’s Joe Seid is quoted:

“Seagulls are very effectively disturbed by the sound of their own species’ distress call,” Seid said. The Mega Blaster emits the sound a ring-billed seagull makes when being attacked.

View the original article here

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