Mega Blaster Pro Keeps Birds Out of Vineyard

We just received a new testimonial from a customer who utilized the Mega Blaster Pro wide area bird repeller in his bird control operation. The mission was to keep birds out of their vineyard. There wasn’t enough time to install bird netting, so the Mega Blaster was mounted on a trailer and provided instant reduction in bird damage. In this application, the Mega Blaster proved effective over approximately 20.5 hectacres.

24 April 2009

Hello all,

We have finished using the Mega Blaster in our vineyards now and are very pleased with the results. The unit was mounted on a trailer and shifted every couple of days to confuse the birds. It was mostly used in areas we hadn’t had time to cover with nets. The 4 extra speakers and amplifier gave us maximum sound penetration. There was very little bird damage within a 200 metre radius (12 hectares) and it was significantly reduced over a 250 metre radius (20.5 hectares).

We have used electronic bird repellers for many years with various degrees of success but they had micro chips with harassment sounds which were annoying for neighbours. The customized micro chips programmed to suit our bird species, were much more pleasant and successful. Iwould have no hesitation in recommending this electronic equipment as an important tool in bird control.

Herman S———
S——– Estate

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