More superb customer reviews for Bird-X products!

Excellent customer product reviews from our happy customers 

Deer Gard prevents deer damage

I have had the product in my garden for 40 days, and so far no damage from the deer. I would recommend Bird-X DG Deer Gard.

By Thomas S. from Florida
–>View the Deer Gard Deer Repeller here.

Bird tape solved our woodpecker problem

We have had returning woodpeckers marking our home for the past few years. We have repaired and replaced shingles but nothing seemed to deter them. When they returned this spring we used this Irri-Tape and they have not returned. It was a good investment.

By David M. from Massachusetts
–>View the Irri-Tape shiny bird deterrent tape here.

Terror Eyes works well on pool deck!

We bought these to scare the birds from our pool deck. They work great !

By KC from Indiana
–>View the Terror Eyes bird predator replica here.

Bird Spikes are an excellent product!


By Gaylan F. from California
–>View the Bird-X Bird Spikes here.

Yard Gard animal repeller gets rid of pesky backyard critters

Love this item, keeps those pesty [sic] squirrels, dogs, cats out of our yard.
Won’t be without one.

By Kenneth S. from New Hampshire
–> View the Yard Gard Electronic Animal Repeller here.

No more bird poop on boat dock!

I bought two of these for my boat dock to keep cranes from depositing their daily #*@&. It took 3 or 4 days before they started staying off the dock. Now, knock on wood, the dock is staying clean and no signs of any cranes.

By Terry from Lake of the Ozarks
–> View the Yard Gard Electronic Animal Repeller here.

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  1. John Putzier
    John Putzier says:

    I cannot say enough good things about our experience with Bird-X and their products. We were inundated with northern flickers followed by grackles that destroyed our stucco building several times. Tom Olmsted took lots of time and effort helping us configure our BB-Pro to first rid ourselves of the grackles (who took-over the woodpeckers’ holes) and then to deter the flickers from returning. So far, it is working. These guys know their stuff when it comes to tailoring your system to the specific birds attacking your property.


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