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Spiders - the Creepy Crawlers We Need

There are plenty of creepy, crawly pests in the world, but spiders…
barn swallows in nest

The Problems of Barn Swallows

When you think of troublesome pests, you probably picture rodents,…
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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Humane Pest Control Solutions

So you’ve got a pest problem. Mice in the pantry? Bats in the…
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Interview with Bird-X Founder Dick Seid: Celebrating 50 Years of Green, Ethical Bird Control

Seldom does an entrepreneur see his dream so far surpass his expectations. Dick Seid founded Bird-X, Inc. in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois in January 1964.

The Wild Turkey: A True American Original

Benjamin Franklin had formed a strong opinion about the bald eagle, and believed we shouldn’t have a bully of a bird who stole from other hard working animals representing our country!
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Bird Poop!

Know what bird you need to deter from your property? Check our…

Deer eating your plants? Tips for solving deer problems:

‘Deer’ can refer to any one of almost a hundred different…
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Father's Day Gift Ideas - For Gardener Dads!

Father’s Day is almost here.  Does your dad enjoy gardening…
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Aggressive goose attacks gorilla!

Recently this video of a Canada goose chasing off a large silverback…