Spikes are 100% effective on balcony railings

A five-star product review

The Bird X spikes were 100% effective in keeping pigeons off a balcony in a luxury high-rise apartment building in the City of Newark, New Jersey. I’m sure the glue provided in the kit works, but I didn’t use it. Instead, I bought a pack of cable ties from a known national retail store. I used 2 ties per foot on the spikes, and ran them along the perimeter of the balcony railing.

I also bought some 1” hexagonal mesh chicken wire, 24” high, and ran it along the outside edge of the balcony railing. And I also used cable ties for the chicken wire. This stops pigeons from landing on the balcony edge and walking in. For the picture windows facing the balcony, I leave the blinds up, and this also deters them. They don’t like to roost on a window sill in front of a clear window, meaning one without any mini-blinds.

Theoretically pigeons could still land, by air, right onto the balcony itself, BUT THEY DON’T. They must feel insecure, because the area is now semi-enclosed. In their own not-so-stupid bird brains, they realize that if they wanted to take off in a hurry, they would need to gain a couple of feet in height to clear the railing. This would take much more time than flying straight, and they know that a predator (or resident) could catch them.

Thanks to the Bird-X Bird spikes, now I can paint my balcony, install pots with landscaping, etc. I can actually enjoy my balcony and my unrestricted sunset views.

By ‘eric2629’ from New Jersey

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