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Bird-X Highlights Most Commonly Received Customer Questions

If there’s one thing we know, it’s birds! Our Customer Service…
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Bird-X Products “Show” Up at National Theatre of Costa Rica

As a company that’s been in business for over 50 years, being…
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Breaking Into New Industries—The Bird-X Approach

In golf, a ‘birdie’ is usually a good thing. After attending…
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The High Cost of Neglecting Bird Control

On February 25th 2016, The News Center in West Virginia reported…

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

What creature feeds on humans and lives in the dark? No,…
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Food Facility Nightmares: When Birds Attack

 Food establishments know firsthand that food safety…

Super Rat Plague – And it’s Not Fiction

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‘Hoot’ Knows Owls Best?

Piercing eyes, delicate feathers, and sharp talons are just some of the recognizable features of this popular raptor. As they perch in silence with their big round eyes, owl’s come off as these mysterious creatures of whom you always want to know more. Around 216 species of owls exist in the world today…But, how much do you know about them? Here are 5 spellbinding owl facts that work to support how interesting this raptor is.

Plan Initiated to Contain Bird Flu

In 2015, the greatest bird flu outbreak occurred within the United…

Birds In The News

A few of the more high-profile news stories in the past few years have been bird related: food-borne illness, a deadly bridge collapse, and the memorable ‘Miracle on the Hudson’, to name a few. Avoid these situations with bird control from Bird-X.