avishock on theatre

Bird-X Products “Show” Up at National Theatre of Costa Rica

As a company that’s been in business for over 50 years, being…

Quirky Bird News

Quirky bird news - birds are full of surprises and keep humans guessing!

Kings of Leon concert halted by pigeon poop

Who expects to go to a concert and have it end three songs…

Raising pigeons, wreaking havoc

Oh Aurora, IL man is bother his neighbors because…

Flooding causes more problems than just water

This winter has been an eventful one. And flooding has become…

Bird Sound Device Scares Birds Away from U.S. Bank

Bird-X electronic sound device scares birds away from a bank in Davenport. Unsightly birds have left the nest and are looking to make a deposit elsewhere.

Pigeons on the pill

They’ve used it in San Diego, St. Paul, Minn., and had heated…

Crazy pigeons

Pigeons are so annoying! I remember the times when it used to…

Poisoning pigeons in the park

Several years ago, while driving home from the city, my friends…