Transonic PRO rodent repeller gets rid of household critters

5/5 star Amazon Review

I bought a TX-PRO about a year ago. I’d acquired a little sports car over the summer and had cleaned out a detached garage to accommodate it. Friends and neighbors mentioned the damage that squirrels and mice had done to stored cars and motorcycles over past winters. I sat the unit on a table near an outlet, on the driver’s side of the car. It’s been running ever since. I change the frequency and volume every now and then. No damage or nests of any kind have been found. The entire garage remains in pristine condition. Pests of all kinds have found other places to live.

I bought second unit a couple of weeks ago. I’d heard gnawing sounds coming from under a staircase one chilly afternoon. A quick inspection of the nearest outside wall revealed missing pieces of grout between the basement door sill and the foundation – large enough for a field mouse. Initially, I pulled the first TX-PRO from the garage and set it up on the stairs to chase the mouse before making repairs. It worked! I decided to order a second unit as a spare for the garage, but then put it to work full-time in the basement after it arrived.

The TX-PRO is effective.

By ‘cyclistman’ from Pennsylvania

View the Transonic PRO ultrasonic critter repeller here.

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