Tip: Geese love simple landscaping. “Hard” edges like those in parks, flower beds, gardens and around ponds will almost certainly attract their flock. Keep a more natural terrain; plant thicker grasses around ponds. This makes access to water more difficult.

Tip: Don’t feed them. Obvious? Definitely, but some people need an extra reminder. If the geese can’t eat on your property, they have no reason to return. A great way to discourage those in public parks is posting “Do not feed the geese” signs.

Tip: You know what geese hate? The smell and taste of Concord grapes. Bird-X’s GooseChase active ingredient, Methyl Anthranilate, is made from a constituent of Concord grapes. One gallon of concentrate yields 60 gallons of mixture. Spray it onto dry grass and said goodbye to geese.

Tip: Shooting and poisoning them don’t work! Short-term solutions do not change the fact that your property is appealing to geese. And these methods create another problem: animal rights activists, angry neighbors, and law enforcement. Stick with humane geese control.

Tip: Visual scares can work wonders if used properly. Try an aversion with mylar eyes, like Terror-Eyes. The lenticular eyes produce a holographic effect, constantly changing, making the birds believe they are being followed everywhere.

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  • Andrielly

    When I was a child, I was angered and hurt by a girl who had a laupfl of baby birds. She thought it was cute, and never realized what she had done, I suppose. that stayed with me all my life. I love birds..their courting in the spring and their neediness in the winter when we provide food and water. The songs are wonderful. Everywhere I go we look for birds. Many of my friends now look and listen to birds because of my interest. That is great.


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