Have you ever shot a perplexed glance at an establishment, carefully focusing on those pointy and somewhat displaced thingamajigs that comfortably lie on the ledges? Those seemingly never-ending strips of prickled solid can be found amongst a variety of structures, ranging from personal homes to corporate empires. I suppose we should address these gizmos by their correct name—bird spikes.

Bird spikes are used to prevent germ-infested, undomesticated birds from roosting in a particular area. They work by making the available area that birds are able to land on undesirable, forcing them to land elsewhere. Bird spikes can be placed on virtually any flat surface, and are commonly found in areas where birds are liable to come in contact with humans. They can also prevent miniature rodents from crossing a particular area.

Let’s face it, feral birds are as annoying as they are disease-infested. Their obnoxious calls are loud enough to invoke infuriation—and perhaps insomnia— onto an entire neighborhood. Their vile feces are contaminated enough to bring a gradual death upon an innocent victim. Their presence is enough to bring down the value and aesthetic appeal of a property.

No one wants filthy birds—accompanied by a heaping dose of detrimental ramifications—invading their property, correct? Wild birds need to be ridded from properties! But harming or killing birds is not a valid option! Not only is it illegal to do so in some places, but it is ineffective as well. Sure, one may receive instant “gratification” by harming the exact bird that made him become a raging insomniac, but how exactly would that prevent migratory flocks from roosting? It wouldn’t. Property owners who use humane solutions such as bird spikes are completely aware of this.

The next time you fix your eyes upon an establishment’s eye-invoking beauty, take into consideration the extent to which the property owners are saving you from a bird dilemma. Enjoy every non-feces-infested gasp of air while gazing at its non-bird-invaded scenic view.

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Bird Spikes

Bird Spikes