Yard Gard keeps pesky animals away from garden

A product testimonial from a satisfied customer:

Just a note to tell you–in May I put in my garden, and after several days the critters began arriving.

The supermarket was open, and I was planning to go through the aggrevation and hastle [sic] of erecting an unsightly fence. While at my local hardware store, I spied the Yard Guard.

It is without exception the most effective way that I’ve found to preserve one’s garden. My plants are all green and have not been touched by any pesky varmits [sic]!!

Awesome, fantastic, and does everything you say! I’ve told my fellow gardeners about the Yard Guard, and I’m recommending it to everyone.


Dave B. from Pennsylvania

Click here to find out more about how the Yard Gard electronic animal pest repeller keeps critters away from yards!

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