Bed Bug ALERT Monitor


  Detects Bed Bug Infestations  (this is NOT used to treat an active infestation)
  Use Anywhere – Hotels, Home, & More
  Ensures Peace of Mind & Helps Prevent Larger Infestations 


Bed Bug ALERT Monitors consist of a clear plastic shell with a special lure adhesive board located in the center. This is a detection method only. It is not intended to treat an active infestation. If you have bed bugs, some will be drawn into the monitor & become stuck to the adhesive surface, unable to escape.

Simply place Bed Bug ALERT Monitors under the mattress or anywhere bedbugs are suspected, & monitor daily to detect problems before an infestation takes hold.

  • Active lure contains semiochemicals that attract bed bugs
  • Durable shell is resistant to weight and moisture, unlike paper monitors
  • Secure enclosure top snaps into the bottom so children & pets cannot touch the trapped bugs
  • Place anywhere bed bugs are suspected – under mattresses, between couch cushions, in suitcases, & more
Volume 1 Case (144 monitors) 12-Pack
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Bed Bug ALERT Monitor Volume

1 Case (144 monitors), 12-Pack


  • Active & Effective Detection – proprietary attractant gel actively lures and traps bedbugs if they are present, alerting you of any larger infestation
  • Discreet – small, clear monitor slips discreetly under the mattress, or into other tight spaces where bedbugs are suspected
  • Safe – secure top snaps into the bottom so children and pets cannot touch the trapped bugs
  • Easy-to-use – clear viewing window makes inspection simple
  • Reusable – can be checked daily, reinserted and reused
  • Durable – resistant to weight and moisture, unlike paper monitors
  • Easy entry – five low-rising textured entrances encourage bug entry and harborage
  • Effective trap – large adhesive surface surrounds the lure
  • Sealed for freshness – protects the freshness of the attractant gel until you are ready to use – just peel and place whenever you need one
  • Early detection – attracts both adult bedbugs and 2nd instar nymphs

WARNING: This product contains DEHP, a phthalate chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm.


Set up a bed bug monitoring program & check daily. Recommended for use anywhere bed bugs are suspected, perfect for:

  • Travelers – test hotel beds upon arrival, & keep a monitor in luggage
  • Homeowners – check daily
  • Hospitality industry – monitor all rooms discreetly
  • Businesses – detect problems before your customers do
  • Families – keep an eye on hospitals or long-term care facilities for loved ones
  • Students – screen dorm rooms
  • Pets – screen areas where pets spend their time, such as dog beds



  • Visual or dog inspection can cost hundreds of dollars
  • Treatments/fumigation can cost thousands of dollars
  • The expense of replacing property, such as furniture, linens, mattresses, carpets, curtains, & more
  • Medical expenses associated with bed bug bites
  • Legal fees from lawsuits filed by customers, guests, or employees
  • Loss of reputation regarding the quality & sanitation of the establishment
  • Being added to the online bed bug registry


  • Unit dimensions: 2.875″ x 1.9″ x 0.43″
  • Unit weight: 5 grams
  • 12-Pack box dimensions: 4″ x 5″ x 7″ / Shipping weight: 1 lb
  • 1 Case box dimensions: 5″ x 8″ x 9″ / Shipping weight: 7 lbs


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