Bed Bug Facts

Detect Bed Bug Infestations Bed bugs can appear anywhere! Bed bugs have crawled their way into every major city and have become a real pest threat. From hotels, dorms, and nursing homes, to offices, retail establishments, and public transportation, bedbugs can be found wherever soft furnishings are present.

Check for bed bugs with Bed Bug ALERT Monitors:

  • Active and Effective. Active lures attract and trap nearby bed bugs.
  • Easy entry. Five low-rising textured entrances encourage bed bug entry.
  • Discreet. Small, transparent monitor slips discreetly under mattresses.
  • Safe. Secure plastic housing withstands weight, pressure, and moisture.
  • Easy-to-use. Clear viewing window makes it simple to check for bed bugs – no need to open the device!
  • Reusable. Monitor can be reinserted and reused.
  • Early detection. Attracts both adult bed bugs and 2nd instar nymphs.

Bed bug monitoring – check for bed bugs to avoid infestation:

  • Hospitality industry – Monitor all rooms discreetly.
  • Business owners – Detect bed bugs before your customers do.
  • Travelers – Check for bed bugs in hotel and motel beds and keep a monitor in your luggage.
  • Families – Check for bed bugs in hospital beds or long-term care facilities for loved ones.
  • Homeowners – Prevent bed bug infestation by catching them at the first signs!

The REAL COST of bed bugs:

  • Visual or dog inspection can cost hundreds depending on the size of the facility
  • Treatments/fumigation can cost thousands
  • Replacing property such as furniture, linens, mattresses, carpets, curtains, etc.
  • Medical expenses of those suffering from bed bug bites
  • Legal fees from lawsuits filed by guests or employees
  • Loss of reputation regarding the quality and sanitation of the establishment
  • Being added to the online bed bug registry for all the world to see

More information about bed bugs:

Bed bugs are found in homes, apartments, dorm rooms, hotel rooms, airplanes, public transit seats, cars, and moving vans – pretty much anywhere they can find a human host. Bed bugs attach themselves to clothing and other belongings and are (unknowingly) transported to new locations.

Bed bugs are known to carry at least 27 agents of human disease, including the drug-resistant bacteria (or “superbugs”) MRSA & VRE, and even Hepatitis & HIV (according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Journal). Scientists are still working to determine the threat of transmission.