Bird Spikes

Protect Surfaces From Pest Birds.

Bird spikes are a 100% effective, maintenance-free, and permanent solution to pest bird infestation. Install bird control spikes on common bird landing surfaces such as rooftop edges, ledges, window sills, chimneys, or anywhere pest bird roosting and nesting are a problem. Bird spike strips are a guaranteed way to prevent pest birds from landing on your property, while eliminating pest damage and liability.

Tall, Stainless Steel Bird Spike Strips

How Bird Spikes Work

Bird spikes create a physical barrier. They physically prevent pest birds from landing, perching, or roosting wherever they are used.

  • 100% effective anywhere they are correctly installed
  • Discreet – nearly invisible from a distance, silent, and require no power supply

Where to Use Bird Spikes:

Bird control spikes do not harm birds – they are a humane alternative that make surfaces uncomfortable, uninviting, and intimidating to pest birds who enjoy roosting on your property. Here are a few common areas where bird spikes are likely to be used:

Edges, ledges, windowsills

Lights, towers, masts, aerials

Rooftops, parapets, cornices

HVAC installations

Beams, girders

Porches, awnings, doors, and entryways

Success Strategy

Variation is key. Units combine predator calls with distress calls of your target species. Bird-X sonic repellent devices are pre-programmed and ready to use – they are also fully customizable, allowing a variety of sound frequencies, durations, & intervals for a variety of applications & to prevent birds from acclimating.

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