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Keep Birds Away Quietly

Our ultrasonic bird repellers keep a broad range of pest birds away from buildings and other types of property. Unlike our sonic bird repellents, our ultrasonic products use sound frequencies that the human ear can’t hear. Ultrasonic repellers are more humane and eco-friendly than bird control products that use traps or poisons. Ultrasonic bird repellers are a great solution for people looking to cut their maintenance costs and protect safe standards.

Product Selection

Bird-X makes four different bird repellent devices that use ultrasonics to deter birds:

  • Our Balcony Guard is an ultrasonic bird scarer made for small areas and home use. It is highly effective at keeping pigeons, crows, seagulls, blackbirds, and bats away. It can be powered by batteries or an AC outlet, and can be adjusted to run all the time or only when activated by a motion sensor.
  • For larger enclosed spaces, our best-selling Quadblaster can cover an area up to 6500 square feet. You can also add an optional visual scare element with a strobe light attachment.
  • For medium sized semi-enclosed or outdoor areas, the Ultrason X provides up to 3600 square feet of coverage.  It’s also the only ultrasonic product we make that can be solar powered using one of our large solar panels.
  • For the largest outdoor areas, we have our powerful Broadband Pro system. It uses a combination of ultrasonic and sonic bird repellent noises like predator calls to provide coverage up to 6 acres.