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Bird-X works closely with professional installers & PCO’s on projects of all sizes. We understand the urgent & competitive nature of the industry, & we’re here to help. From initial bidding support to product training & custom consultations, your dedicated account manager will take care of you promptly with expert advice & information. Please contact us & let us know what supplies and guidance you need. Check out all of our commercial pest control supplies below!

Bird Netting

Exclusion netting prevents pest birds from entering specific areas – when installed properly is 100% effective.

mtg bracket for bird netting

Netting Hardware

Commercial-grade hardware needed to install Bird-X BirdNet – cables, screws, nuts, brackets, turnbuckles, ferrules, and more.

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes protect surfaces from pest bird infestation. Available in Stainless Steel or Plastic. Available in multiple lengths, heights, and widths

AvishockTM, Hardware & Chargers

AvishockTM gives a mild electric shock when touched, conditioning birds to stay away from treated surfaces.

Bird Wire & Post Products

Bird Wire is great for high-profile ledges where a less visible solution is needed; wires are installed at differing heights making it difficult for birds to land.

Other Bird Repellent Products

Bird Proof Gel and liquids, taste aversions, visual scares, predator decoys, and more.

Bird Trap

Pigeon & Sparrow Traps

Durable, humane, and effective multi-catch bird traps.

Bird-X Ovo

OvoControl ®

Humane population control bird feed with automated feeder.

Bird-X Pro

Sonic & Ultrasonic Electronic Bird Repellers

Electronic repellers provide effective, money-saving, humane bird control solutions

Bird Balls

Floating ball blankets for water applications; full coverage and eco-friendly.

Bird-X Laser

Indoor & Outdoor Laser Bird Control

Colored laser beams frighten and deter birds for up to 10,000 sq. ft.

ProHawk UAV Drone

The first manual or autonomous drone of its class made specifically for bird control.

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