Deer Control

Keep deer out: make the area you wish to have free of deer an unwelcoming environment for them so they will look for other places to forage.

Putting up physical barriers such as netting (“bird netting” may be used against many creatures, including deer) is extremely effective against deer. For invisible solutions, using auditory tools to rid yourself of pests like our Deer Gard electronic deer repeller is extremely beneficial, especially when combined with a multi-sensory attack. Making the area smell of a predator can also help a great deal (our Nature’s Defense All-Purpose Animal Repellent works very well for this purpose), as are visual deterrents. Using more than just one sensory approach will yield more effective results.

By placing these products around gardens, driveways, park landscapes, porches, or any other area deer are unwelcome, you can live very peacefully with these creatures.