Semi-Enclosed Spaces

For Pest Birds

  • In semi-enclosed spaces, if there are enough available surfaces to reflect sound waves, you can use discreet ultrasonic bird repellent devices to deter pest birds.
  • Sound units (audible, sonic solutions) offer widest-area coverage with easy installation for large structures.
  • Spot treatment of beams and rafters with barrier methods like spikes or gel is always 100% effective.
Success strategy:

Birds have easy access to these open structures. Add a visual scare such as Terror Eyes to any sonic or ultrasonic repeller to frighten birds off using more than one sensory mode for greatest long-term success.

For Pest Animals

A sonic/ultrasonic repeller works well to deter many pest species. Taste aversion Nature’s Defense: All-Purpose Animal Repellent offers an organic, natural solution. Nature’s Defense repellent granules deter 22 different species and are extremely resistant to rain and snow.