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Please see our Residential Pest Control page for more information.

Visual scares such as Terror Eyes and Irri-Tape are popular as they are economical and effective. Bird Proof Gel and Bird Steel Spikes are frequently used for protecting surfaces like ledges, windowsills, and chimneys. For larger areas, the BirdXPeller PRO is a sonic repeller that keep birds away for up to an acre! For more information, visit our Pest Control for Residential Areas page.

Please see our Semi-Enclosed Spaces page for more information.

The Super QuadBlaster QB-4 is an ultrasonic solution that is silent-to-humans and efficient. The Bird BLazer uses state-of-the-art laser technology and is an extremely effective visual deterrent. Terror Eyes can be positioned in open doors and entryways to keep birds out. Bird Spikes and Bird Gel are perfect for protecting surfaces such as ledges, beams, gutters and rails. For more information, visit our Pest Control for Semi-Enclosed Spaces page.

Please see our Outdoor Pest Control page for more information.

The BroadBand PRO is the best-selling device for outdoor use as it provides a cost-effective, comprehensive approach. This electronic bird control devices combines both sonic and ultrasonic techniques and includes three highly effective visual scares.

Ultrasonic sound devices are silent to most humans, meaning the noises emitted are above most humans’ range of hearing. The Super QuadBlaster QB-4 and the Ultrason X units fall into this category. Also, keep in mind that physical deterrents such as Bird Spikes, a scent and taste aversion like Bird Stop, and visual scares such as the 3D-Coyote and Terror Eyes are silent as well.

Please see our Goose Control page for more information.

Geese can be very stubborn and territorial birds. One of our sonic repellers, the GooseBuster, was developed as a result of three decades of scientific research into the behavior and communication patterns of Canada geese. A taste aversion such as Bird Stop helps makes grass and turf inedible to birds. Visual scares like the 3D-Coyote and Gator Guard are also useful. Ideally, combining all three approaches would be most effective.

The Super QuadBlaster QB-4 and the Transonic PRO are particularly effective against bats. For more information, visit our Bat Control page.

Please see our Woodpecker Control page for more information.

The Woodpecker PRO sonic repeller is designed specifically for getting rid of woodpeckers. Visual scares such as Terror Eyes and Irri-Tape are also effective woodpecker deterrents.

Please see our Pigeon Control page for more information.

To keep pigeons from perching on ledges, sills, and other convenient surfaces, install Bird Spikes or apply Bird Gel. If it’s a large outdoor area, the BirdXPeller PRO is effective; for smaller enclosed spaces, the Super QuadBlaster QB-4 is recommended. The Terror Eyes unit is also very effective at deterring these stubborn pest birds.

Please see our Crow Control page for more information.

Bird Netting can be used to keep birds away from specific areas, crops, vineyards, gardens, etc. Sonic devices like the BirdXPeller PRO or the Super BirdXPeller PRO (depending on the size of the area) are recommended, along with visual scares such as Terror Eyes and Irri-Tape.

Yes, of our electronic products are electronic products are covered under the Manufacturer’s Warranty against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of six months from the shipping date. See our Our Guarantee page for more information about the Manufacturer’s Warranty, the 30-Day Performance Guarantee and our Return Policy.

Yes, we offer a 30-Day Performance Guarantee on all electronic Bird-X products. See our Our Guarantee page for more information about the Manufacturer’s Warranty, the 30-Day Performance Guarantee and our Return Policy.

Definitely. We have received many references from satisfied customers over the years. Please view individual product pages for testimonials and browse through our Case Studies to read about how are products have helped countless homeowners, business owners, facility managers and more.

Let the environment be your guide; a sound repeller works best when installed at the level of the pests, speakers facing the direction from which they arrive, with no walls or other structural barriers blocking the sound. A visual deterrent will be most effective when mounted at the level of, close enough to, and easily visible to, the pests. Spikes and Bird Proof Gel must be applied to each specific beam, ledge, sill, and more on which birds are roosting. Please read the instruction manual for the product you have selected.

Yes. On each product page, there are several tabs. Click on the “Specs” tab to find the downloadable instruction manual for a product. Most products are quite simple and don’t need a video demonstration. However, we do have a Bird Netting installation instruction video, as larger projects may require more detailed planning.

Pest birds and other animals are smart and stubborn. They quickly acclimate to visual devices that don’t move and sound repellers that don’t change pattern. All Bird-X products are designed to maintain the element of surprise. Our visual deterrents move and change with the wind and light, and some include always-changing holographic material that further confuses birds. Our sound repellers are programmable to vary their species settings, frequencies, intermittence, hours of operation and more.

To permanently repel birds and prevent infestation, it is crucial to treat the problem and its source, not just the symptoms. The only way to do this is to make the environment undesirable. Because birds are often long-term visitors with a strong attachment to their habitat, it is critical to attack more than one sense. For example, a sound repeller and a visual scare used together make the area seem threatening on two levels. Each product helps to support the effects of the other, resulting in a higher probability of success overall.

Yes we do. Call 800.662.5021 or email solutions@bird-x.com for details.

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal; we also take checks, money orders, and/or bank wire transfers.

Yes. We use the safest, most economical carrier for each situation. We charge sales tax as required by law for shipping addresses in Illinois and California. Get a quote instantly in your shopping cart, or contact us for more information if you have further questions.

Rush shipments with expedited shipping selected will be shipped within one business day following receipt of order. Orders shipped via ground will be shipped 1-3 business days after order is placed, and may take up to 8 business days to arrive.

Often, yes. Please contact us to determine which products are in stock in various locations worldwide. Products may be purchased directly from us as well. All products are in stock for immediate shipment, and come with the security and peace-of-mind of purchasing direct from the manufacturer.

Yes. Our products are humane, eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-harmful and extremely effective. We have received referrals from the Audubon Society, the Coalition to Prevent the Destruction of Canada Geese, the Humane Society of the United States, and the Animal Damage Control division of the USDA.

Non-lethal deterrents are actually the most effective, because they condition pests to stay away for good. Lethal methods do not make the environment unappealing for future pests. There are also many more benefits of humane pest control.

Yes. There are no known risks caused by ultrasonic and sonic repellers.

We are members of the Better Business Bureau. We also pride ourselves on our internal quality system for everything from production to marketing. Regarding products, most of the power sources for our electronic products are ETL and/or UL/CUL listed. This designation indicates that products are manufactured in a controlled environment, with registered facilities as well as registered products. Most of our electronic products are CE-marked for distribution throughout the European Union.

It is wise to be cautious with any sound or light in our environment (i.e., avoid loud rock concerts, avoid staring directly at the sun). Bird-X ultrasonic and laser repellers are not dangerous when used as directed. Ultrasonic repellers can be loud, while registering above human hearing range. Laser repellers are fully-registered and consumer safe, though still lasers. We recommend both only at high ceiling levels, not near people for long periods of time.

Absolutely. We welcome dealers and resellers, especially motivated, entrepreneurial companies. Call 800.662.5021 or email solutions@bird-x.com for more information.

Yes. We are frequently asked to contribute based on our expertise on the dangers, costs, and diseases associated with birds and their droppings. Contact our Marketing Department at news@bird-x.com.

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