Pigeon Control

Pigeon problems are common for many property owners & business managers all over the world. Pest pigeons & pigeon infestation can be a terrible nuisance as well as an expensive & harmful liability. Bird-X offers pigeon deterrents to fit a variety of applications & budgets.

Pigeon Control Tips and Repellent Methods – How to Get Rid of Pigeons

There are countless pigeon deterrents, but Bird-X only encourages using humane, eco-friendly solutions to get rid of pigeons permanently. Pigeon infestation often occurs on rooftops of buildings, window sills, ledges & other convenient surfaces. The corrosive droppings then deface walkways, equipment, & vehicles below.

For all areas with ledges & overhangs: Prevent pest pigeons from landing on surfaces by installing bird control spikes which are 100% effective everywhere installed & feature generous warranties.

For enclosing areas from birds: Prevent birds from entering spaces with Bird Netting, available in many sizes and thicknesses to best address requirements. Professional bird netting is 100% effective when installed correctly & is invisible from a distance.

For outdoor areas: Pigeons often accumulate in public areas like parks & plazas, attracted to discarded food & trash left by tourists & other passersby. Sonic bird repellent devices will keep pigeons away in large outdoor areas. Also, property managers should discourage visitors from feeding pigeons, since food is an extremely attractive reason for pigeons to keep coming back. Keep treated area as clean as possible for the most effective results.

For small, covered areas such as balconies: The Balcony Gard covers up to 900 sq. ft. & is ideal for use against pigeons. Silent to most humans & motion-activated, this product protects small spaces from birds.

For semi-enclosed & enclosed areas: Sometimes, pest pigeons make their way into semi-enclosed facilities like loading docks, warehouses, airplane hangars, stadiums, & other spaces. Facility managers can repel pigeons from the area using ultrasonic bird repellers that are nearly silent-to-humans but extremely offensive to pest birds.

Problems associated with pest pigeons:

  • Pest pigeon droppings  each pigeon leaves up to a pound of droppings per week
  • Pigeons carry diseases like cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis, toxoplasmosis, & salmonella
  • Pigeons are hosts to other pests such as fleas, ticks, lice, & mites
  • Liability results from unsanitary messes & potential slip-and-fall accidents
  • Pigeons build nests in vents & chimneys, creating fire hazards
  • Damage to property
  • High cost of cleanup, repair & maintenance

More Information About Pigeons

Pigeons (rock doves) are extremely adaptable birds that can be found in nearly any environment; only excluding those of the driest & coldest regions. It is apparent that pigeons are highly sociable since they are often spotted in flocks of 20-30 birds. As monogamous creatures, both females & males share the responsibilities of constructing the nests & fostering the young.

Pigeons are surprisingly intelligent as well. They are one of only five species who have passed the ‘mirror test’ in recognizing their own reflection. Additionally, these birds have been proven to recognize the alphabet, can differentiate human faces, & conceptualize thoughts. With excellent hearing, they surpass human capability in detecting sounds at lower frequencies; allowing pigeons to sense oncoming storms & weather conditions.

Why Humane Pest Control for Pigeons

Using humane pest control ensures that you, your family, & your pets stay safe, while not negatively impacting the ecosystem or unnecessarily hurting pest animals. Using inhumane methods like traps or poisons can endanger other animals & your family, & can result in even more mess & frustration. By keeping the pest animals away in the first place you can save yourself the most time & trouble.

All products manufactured by Bird-X, Inc. are legal, humane, environmentally-friendly, & rigorously tested for efficacy.

The Bird-X Difference

Bird-X is one of the oldest bird & pest control companies in the humane pest control business. Since 1964 we have developed & improved our products for maximum efficacy & customer satisfaction. While many brands claim to have the answer, many have not taken the time & applied science necessary to study & develop products that actually work. We stand behind the efficacy of our products & offer product warranties paired with A+-rated customer support to ensure optimal customer satisfaction.

Humane pigeon control methods are equally effective against all types of pigeons including:

  • Band-Tailed Pigeons
  • Fancy Pigeons
  • Feral Pigeons
  • King Pigeons
  • Racing Pigeons
  • Many more – including species around the world