crow deterrent device

Crows are known to harass both humans and animals, and can even be aggressive toward larger birds including hawks, herons, and owls.

Getting Rid of Crows can be difficult for these reasons, however they are opportunistic and will readily go elsewhere if an area is inhospitable.

1. Block access to the area with crow repellers. Bird Netting is an immediate and obvious solution, especially for small backyard crops, because it produces a barrier that crows and other birds cannot permeate. However, this option may not be feasible for very large crops. If you only have crows to worry about, you can get a large-grade netting because they are such large birds.

2. Make the area feel threatening with ultrasonic crow repellent. The Version 2 BirdXPeller PRO(1 unit covers up to 1 acre) and Super BirdXPeller PRO(1 unit covers up to 6 acres), are extremely effective against crows, as well as blackbirds and grackles. Naturally recorded, crow deterrent sounds create the illusion that the area is not safe – be certain to follow all directions and keep the device settings on random intervals to keep crows guessing, since they pick up on patterns easily.

3. Make crops or other food sources taste bad with crow repellent. Taste aversions such as Bird Stopare also very popular solutions for berry and fruit crops, as well as corn. By making their food source taste bad, crows will be led to seek food elsewhere.

4. Amplify results by using a multisensory approach. Adding bird scaring devicesto an area treated with electronic repellentsand bird repellent gels is proven to get results. A visual crow deterrent (just like a scarecrow) works best in combination with other tactics – our Irri-Tape and Terror Eyes are especially helpful in deterring crows.

As with all bird control methods, be certain to clean the area thoroughly of bird mess, if possible, to remove territorial markings and optimize bird control results.

The hunting of crows in the United States is heavily restricted, but humane bird control is allowed. Crows are considered native U.S. species and have special protections afforded by the federal government.

Humane crow control products are equally effective against all types of crows.

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