5 Reasons to Hire Bird Control Professionals Instead of Doing It Yourself

If you have a pest bird problem, you may be tempted to try to install these products yourself (with the help of Google and YouTube, of course), but should you?
disruptions in the supply chain

Don’t Let Material Shortages Hurt Your Business

Unprecedented shortages of raw materials, shipping containers and workers are disrupting and delaying the global supply chain. Let's explore why, and what Bird-X did to get ahead of this problem.
Bird Control

6 Safety & Surveying Tips from a Bird Control Professional

Industry professional Tim Coughlin shares valuable safety and surveying tips as well as best practice solutions for successful bird control

Seagulls: The Most Intelligent and Resourceful Seabird (and pest bird)

Barry Fast, President, Seagull Control Systems®, shares knowledge about sea gulls and best methods for deterring them

The Bird Control Toolbox: Bird Deterrents and Bird Exclusion Devices

Learn about the key differences between bird deterrent and bird exclusion
Bird netting to stop Pigeons

Why Invest in Bird Control?

Birds can be very damaging to your property. In fact, they create millions of dollars in damage every year. When they nest, they can create hazardous conditions that require a substantial amount of cleanup. Bird infestations not only create property damage, but health hazards, liability issues, and can even spread disease.
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Wacky Weather: What it Means for Seasonal Birds

Extreme weather and climate changes due to global warming are threatening a number of bird species and changing migratory patterns.

Food Facility Nightmares: When Birds Attack

Birds are often attracted to the areas around food processing facilities, and even like to try to fly inside in cold winter months.
four swallows perching in a mud nest

The Problems of Barn Swallows

Barn swallows can be a problematic pest due to how quickly they can build large nests and their protected legal status. Learn how to humanely and legally deter these birds.

Keeping Vineyards Safe from Hungry Birds

Vineyards can be targeted by a variety of birds that can literally eat an owners profits. Fortunately we offer solutions to keep birds away.