Got Grackle Problems?

grackle deterrent devices

How to get rid of Grackles:

1. Make access to the area impossible. Bird Netting is an immediate and obvious solution, especially for small backyard crops, because it produces a barrier that grackles cannot permeate. however may not be feasible for very large crops.

2. Make the area threatening. Electronic devices, including the Version 2 versions of the BirdXPeller PRO (1 unit covers up to 1 acre) and Super BirdXPeller PRO (1 unit covers up to 6 acres), are extremely effective against grackles, as well as blackbirds and crows. Naturally-recorded predator sounds create the illusion that the area is not safe – but these birds pick up on patterns quickly, so be certain to follow all directions and keep the device settings on random intervals to keep the grackles guessing.

3. Make crops or other food sources taste bad. Taste aversions such as Bird Stop are also very popular solutions for crops, such as berries and other fruit. By making their food source taste bad, grackles are likely to search elsewhere.

4. Amplify results by using a multi-sensory approach. Adding bird scaring devices to an area treated with sound units and bird gels are proven to improve results, however visual deterrents (just like scarecrows) will not deter these tricky birds alone. Our Prowler OwlIrri-Tape, and Terror Eyes all have proven effective when combined with other methods against grackles.

In most situations, grackles respond best to a multi-sensory approach; using more than just one type of deterrent will yield the best possible results. For example, using auditory, visual, and taste deterrents will have a greater affect on stubborn grackles than just one because it will irritate them in every way possible, making the treated area undesirable and encouraging them to find more hospitable areas.

Finally, if the area of coverage is very large, we offer professional products with heavily tested, positive results, including our Mega Blaster PRO (used by airports worldwide and covers up to 30 acres) and the fully autonomous ProHawk UAV drone (a bird deterrent device that combines the moving, visual scare of a predator bird with a noisy, sonic bird repeller). Both of these devices require special precautions and are not sold online; please call (800) 662-5021 or email [email protected] for more information.

Bird-x Products

BirdXPeller ® Pro

Covers up to 1 acre.

The BirdXPeller® PRO gets rid of birds by emitting a variety of naturally recorded distress calls and predator cries that confuse, frighten, and disorient pest birds.


Super BirdXPeller ® Pro

 Covers up to 6 acres

The Super BirdXPeller® PRO emits a variety of naturally recorded distress calls and predator cries that confuse, frighten, and disorient pest birds. Four included weather-resistant speakers and customizable settings. Target birds with species-specific approach.

Super BirdXPeller® PRO


Bird net creates a physical barrier. It is an effective bird deterrent because it prevents pest birds from entering areas where they are uninvited and unwelcomed.

  • 100% effective everywhere they are installed
  • Discreet—barely visible from a distance, silent & require no power supply
Bird netting to stop Pigeons