Sparrow Deterrents

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Sparrow control tips and deterrent methods on how to keep sparrows away.

House sparrows are found in a wide variety of areas, from the city to the countryside and on farmlands. These intelligent and adaptable birds gather in large numbers, often pushing other birds out of their territories and making nasty messes. They like to nest and dwell in small, enclosed areas, which can be anything from drainage pipes and window shutters to building rafters and ledges.

Unfortunately, sparrows can damage buildings and create safety issues for families, employees and anyone who enters. Sparrow nests can cause flooding due to their nests blocking drainage areas, in turn, creating damage and slip-and-fall risks. Their nesting materials and droppings also often contain fungal agents, ectoparasites and bacteria that can produce serious diseases such as meningitis, salmonella and encephalitis.

Not only do sparrows cause damage to the places in which they dwell, these large flocks create an abundance of noise pollution. Now that you’ve decided it’s time to get rid of sparrows for good, Bird-X offers a variety of highly effective and time-tested house sparrow control solutions.

In barns, garages, large sheds, horse stables, or enclosed areas with open doors: The QuadBlaster QB-4 is an extremely effective, silent-to-humans solution that covers up to 6,500 square feet. The Ultrason X is another proven, silent-to-humans house sparrow deterrent, which is designed for areas smaller than 3,600 square feet. The Bird-X Laser Collection, ideal for dark areas or large areas with high spaces, is a collection of completely silent laser-scare bird deterrents. Bird-X sparrow control products are the best way to scare away sparrows humanely and effectively.

In Yards, Fields, Crops, and other Outdoor Areas: Sonic noise sparrow deterrent units — including the BirdXPeller PRO (up to 1 acre) and the Super BirdXPeller PRO (up to 6 acres) — emit naturally recorded distress and predator bird calls to deter pest birds into seeking safer areas.

In All Situations: Applying the Bird-X product Irri-Tape directly to surfaces will deter sparrows both visually and in a sensory way. The sparrow control product makes an unpleasant sound in the wind and is made of a smooth texture the birds detest. Adding a visual deterrent, such as the Prowler Owl, will create a more effective multisensory attack.

House Sparrow Nest Removal

For chimneys, attics, and enclosed areas such as storage sheds and porches: The Balcony Gard has extremely positive results for areas less than 1 acre. This sparrow deterrent product humanely creates a silent-to-humans auditory attack to annoy these birds into leaving the area.

All devices noted on this page have many years of proven results to clear areas of sparrows. Always clean the area to be treated of bird mess prior to any bird control method.

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Whether you need to remove sparrows or other pest birds from your home, business, farm or another space, there’s no better place to turn than Bird-X. As the leading brand in humane bird control solutions for more than 50 years, we offer the most effective and highest-quality products with unmatched customer service.

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Bird-x Products

QuadBlaster QB-4 ®

Covers up to 6,500 sq.

The QuadBlaster QB-4 is Bird-X’s best-selling ultrasonic bird control system, composed of 4 built in speakers and solid steel construction. The device emits sounds specially designed to disorient, intimidate, and confuse unwanted birds out of the treated area(s).

quadblaster qb-4

Ultrason X ®

Covers up to 3,600 sq.

With a range of up to 3,600 square feet, the unrelenting sound of the ULTRASON X ® will irritate and alarm birds, rodents, bats, and other pest species without traps or chemicals. Four powerful speakers emit a frequency that is silent to most humans, but will make nuisance animals leave and keep them away!

Ultrason X BEST-SELLING ultrasonic bird deterrent for outdoors

Bird BLazer®

Covers up to 10,000 sq.

The world’s first indoor laser bird repellent device safely frightens birds away. The Bird BLazer® uses fat-beam laser technology at random intervals in color combinations birds hate, forcing them to find calmer landing areas. Remote control included for access anywhere.

Bird BLazer