Bird Balls

Protect Water-filled Areas From Pest Birds

Floating Bird Balls are much more than just balls. An extremely eco-friendly way to prevent pest bird problems in bodies of water, like airport retention ponds, because they block birds from entering while not affecting the life inside the water.

Balls are also ideal for algae control, ammonia reduction, evaporation control, odor control, and storm water management. Due to their shape, they move with the rising and lowering influx of water. These balls do not upset oxygen circuation, and do not harm fish or other wildlife that may live within a body of water.

Extremely sturdy design, these balls come with a 10-year warranty against cracks and other wear.

Ideal For Use At:

Airports – block birds from landing and becoming bird strike hazards near runways

Poison lakes – protect birds and other wildlife from dangerous bodies of water or sludge

Municipal water and wastewater reservoirs

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