Visual Scares & Predator Decoys

Easy to implement – instant results!

Use menacing predator decoys and intimidating visual scare products to force pest birds and other animals away from your property! Bird scaring devices are a quick, easy-to-install, cost-effective, and low-maintenance way to prevent pest bird infestation and cutting cleanup and repair costs.

Pest birds cause billions of dollars in damage, maintenance, repairs, liability, and health risks at facilities each year. Predator decoy products are a great way to reduce pest bird populations quickly without breaking the bank.

Bird Scaring Devices for Agriculture

Where are Visual Scares Used?

Predator decoys provide a cost-effective solution for open areas where they can easily be seen by approaching birds. They also increase rates of success of sonic and ultrasonic units when used simultaneously. Bird decoys and visual scares are used in a wide variety of settings:

  • Loading docks & open doorways
  • Roofs & awnings
  • Golf courses, parks & sports fields
  • Homes, backyards, pools, patios
  • Docks & boats
  • Courtyards, porches

How visual deterrents and predator decoys work:

Birds have excellent eyesight & are frightened by unexpected visual signals or recognizable predators. Scare birds away with visual deterrent products such as predator decoys, scare balloons, irri-tape, & electronic laser beam technology.

Success Strategy:

With visual deterrents, surprise & change are vital. Birds quickly acclimate to static scares, so we don’t sell them. All Bird-X visual products contain some element of change or movement, making them more effective than the stationary units offered in the marketplace. For large areas, use more visuals – all the same type, or a variety. Relocate your visual deterrent device(s) from time to time to maintain its effectiveness in keeping away the bird pests.

Predator Decoys Hanging from Porch

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