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Silicon Valley City Experimenting with Lasers to Deter Crow Infestation

Since the start of the pandemic, thousands of crows have been congregating in heavily trafficked areas of the city.
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Pigeon Droppings Damage Historic Slovakian Church Dating Back to Middle Ages

The Cathedral of St Elisabeth in Košice, Slovakia has recently uncovered over $20k of damage to the church’s interior due to pest pigeons.

New Research Indicates Laser Bird Deterrents are 99% Effective at Preventing Waterfowl Linked to Avian Flu

A new study conducted by scientists at Wageningen University & Research examines the efficacy of laser bird repellents on a free-range poultry farm.

The Perfect Product to Help Maintain the Beauty of Your Home and Garden

Safely keep birds away from your garden with the BirdXPeller PRO

Bird-X, Inc. Supplies Bird Netting Despite Industry Professionals Reporting Shortage

Trusted bird control supplier for over 50 years, Bird-X, has inventory of professional-grade bird netting despite recent reports of an international shortage

Why Did Birds Vacate the South Station?

The North Station had hordes of pigeons, while the South Station was mostly bird-free. So why weren't there any birds in the South Station?
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Wacky Weather: What it Means for Seasonal Birds

Extreme weather and climate changes due to global warming are threatening a number of bird species and changing migratory patterns.
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Coyote Control: How Urban Coyotes Are Invading Our Cities

More coyotes are taking refuge in large urban areas where there are more sources of food and they are less likely to be hunted.